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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Latest MORI poll shows Ken Livingstone in the lead

Muslims for Ken welcomes the latest poll results by IPSOS-MORI showing Ken Livingstone leading in the mayoral race. It seems debates between the two in the past few weeks have played to the Mayor’s advantage, with Johnson showing a weak grasp of facts and policy.

Taking the 48 per cent who said they were 'absolutely certain to vote', the MORI poll shows that first preference results were 41% for Ken Livingstone, 40% for Boris Johnson, and 14% for Brian Paddick. When second preference votes were included, Livingstone’s lead rose to 2 points.

Taking all those expressing a voting preference (85%) the results were 45% for Ken Livingstone, 38% for Boris Johnson, and 11% for Brian Paddick – a lead for Ken Livingstone of seven points, indicating that the more Londoners turn out to vote, the greater the lead for Livingstone.

MORI’s results appear to be far more credible than other recent polls, due to the fact that MORI’s data is specifically weighted to match the profile of the London population by gender, age, working status, region, ethnic group, housing tenure and social class.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think that Ken is doing an amzing job and so is BMI in engaging people into politics!

Every Dog has it's day and I think Boris has had his!