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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A crucial choice faces Londoners on May 1st

There are now fewer than 30 days to go until the London Mayoral and Assembly elections

These are, without a doubt, the most significant elections for Londoners, and particularly Muslims, in recent years. With Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson almost neck and neck in the polls, Londoners are facing a choice between an open-minded Mayor with a proven track record of successfully running London and engaging with all communities, and an intolerantcandidate who has a history of repeatedly insulting London's black and Muslim communities. Who will you choose?

This blog is about urging all Londoners to make sure their voices are heard in these elections. The elections will determine who will take decisions affecting the daily lives of every Londoner, from policing and education to road safety and gun crime. But equally importantly, they will determine what direction we want to see London going in the next 4 years, and whether it will continue to be a leading model for co-operation and respect between different communities.

Make sure nothing stops you from making your choice on May 1st.

You can register anytime until 16 April by simply filling in and sign a short form.
Find your borough's registration form here

NB To register you must be over 18, live in London, and a British, Commonwealth or EU citizen.

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