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Thursday, 10 April 2008

LBC debate - Boris Johnson tries to deny Islamophobic comments

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Nick Ferrari: Whatever you think about Ken Livingstone after the tragedy of the London bombings he said the following: "nothing you do or how many of us you kill nothing will stop that flight to our city London where freedom is strong and people can live in harmony whatever you do however many of us you kill, you will fail." Like him or loathe him that's leadership. What would we have got from Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson: I think you would have got exactly the same. I think what Londoners want in the event of a tragedy of that someone who will speak for the city and give a voice to our defiance and our unwillingness to submit to that kind of terror. What a cowardly attack.

Ken Livingstone: I know what Boris would have said because he wrote it in the
Spectator or the Telegraph the following week - very different. I said this is a criminal act by a handful of men. It doesn't define a faith or an ideology – what you said boris was Islam was the problem -

BJ - No I did not. That is an absolute -

KL: - and the Koran is inherently violent. I actually made certain we were looking at individuals, you smeared an entire faith.

BJ No I did not. Can I tell you what deep offense I take at that. I think you …traduce what I said. My view is that Islam is a religion of peace and indeed I am very proud to say that I have Muslim ancestry my great grandfather knew the Koran off by heart, Ken Livingstone. I really wish you would leave off this kind of tactics which I think demean this race and demean your office

KL: There is nothing demeaning about reading what you've been writing for 15 years, you were writing it!

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Anonymous said...

Boris is a "fruitcake" and so is his friend Darius Guppy...